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  • Image of Chalky Felt Flower Packs
  • Image of Chalky Felt Flower Packs
  • Image of Chalky Felt Flower Packs
  • Image of Chalky Felt Flower Packs

Chalky Felt Flower Packs

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Chalky Felt Flower Packs

You will receive two of each colour total of 10 per pack.

Blushing bride
Pink violet
Robins egg

Mixed Roses consists of 5 large and 5 medium.
Mixed Scallop Roses consist of 6 medium and 6 small.
Mixed Rolled Flowers consist of 5 medium and 5 small.

Silver is added to these packs which become packs of 12 flowers.
Small roses
Small scallop roses
Small rolled flowers
Small scallop flowers
Small royal roses
Small loopy blooms
Tiny roses
Tiny royal roses
Mixed scallop roses

Measurements of each flower when put together

Large Rose 1 1/2ins
Medium Rose 1 1/4ins
Small Rose 1ins
Tiny Rose 3/4ins
Chunky Loopy Bloom 1 1/2ins
Skinny Loopy Bloom 1 1/2ins
Small Loopy Bloom 1ins
Large Royal Rose 1 1/2ins
Small Royal Rose 1ins
Tiny Royal Rose 3/4ins
Medium Scallop Rose1 1/4ins
Small Scallop Rose 1ins
Medium Rolled Flower 1 1/4ins
Small Rolled Flower 1ins
Medium Scallop Flower 1 1/4ins
Small scallop Flower 1ins
Mum Flower 1 1/4ins
Daisy Flower 1 1/4ins
Retro Flower 1 1/4ins

Theses are cut from a merino blended wool felt. This felt is a blend of 20-35% merino wool blended with rayon.

You will NOT receive a finished product. All flowers are unassembled and ready for you to put together.

You can adjust the amount require in each colour in your shopping cart.